Daniel Phillips
VP of Alumni Relations

Alumni Brothers,

As men of FarmHouse, we do not see membership of this Fraternity to be limited to only the four years of college. Not only do the memories, friendships and instilled character carry on into our lives beyond Auburn, but the Brotherhood that we have experienced is one that does not die off. As brothers, we challenge each other to become better men. FarmHouse is a place where those who have come before us have invested in us, and in turn, we can invest in the generation to come. I believe that this process should not be confined to the four short years of our collegiate education. As Alumni Brothers, you still have an incredible opportunity to invest in the future leaders of our world, quality men who are on track to make a difference in their fields. 

As generations of FarmHouse Brothers have come and gone through Auburn, we have seen many physical changes to our University and our physical Home. However, it is the integrity of this Brotherhood that does not change, it is the morality of this group of men that persists. I openly invite you to return to this Home that helped you grow in so many ways. Come reminisce the great memories that you have had here with the younger generations of our Brotherhood.  We look forward to your homecoming and our doors are always open to you and your families.

Thank you for paving the way for what our Fraternity is today. Whether you pledged in ’71 or ’13 or anywhere in between, you have been an integral piece that makes us who we are now. I know that I and the rest of the active Brothers have been profoundly impacted by FarmHouse, and our lives are better because of this chapter. We appreciate what you have done for our Fraternity in the past, and we look forward to following in your footsteps in the future.

Daniel Phillips ‘14

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